A Mayor is an elected person who serves as the head of the Town's government. He or she has many responsibilities and follows the goal of making this Town a great place for its residents to live.

Mayors, along with her Council can decide how to spend money on local programs, construction projects, parks, city streets, and other things. At town council meetings, where local officers discuss current and upcoming plans for their areas, the mayor listens to everything and may or may not vote on which plans should be put into practice. The Mayor conducts the Town council meetings.

The Mayor is also responsible for making sure that Town services, such as the water, sewer, roads, and parks, work well and are helping everyone who needs assistance.

Our current Mayor is Wanda Gofforth. Her term ends in April 2024.

Mayor Pro Tem

Towns that do not have a position of Vice Mayor appoint a person from the Town Council to act as Mayor Pro Tem which means in the absence of the actual Mayor. The Mayor Pro Tem acts in the absence of the Mayor. This position serves both as a councilperson and as the Mayor Pro Tem.

The currently appointed Mayor Pro Tem is John Paton His appointment as Mayor Pro Tem ends April 2024. He may be reappointment at that time or a new Pro Tem may be appointed. His council position term ends in April 2024.

Town Council

A Town Council is a democratically elected form of government. The council generally functions as a legislative body, proposing bills, holding votes, and passing laws to help govern the Town. The Council has to weigh the needs of a citizen with the needs of the whole community. The Town Council members also determine where funds should be spent.

Chris Johnson, term expires April 2026
Jeff Peed, term expires April 2024
Tim Pobirk, term expires April 2026
John Paton, term expires April 2024
Gill Saunders term expires April 2024
Jessica Hart term expires April 2026

You may contact the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, or Council by email: crawfordclerk@gmail.com