Bruce is diligently working on the repairs to the water dispenser.  We are currently waiting on parts to complete the repairs.  Due to COVID 19 there are delays in the shipping of some of the parts.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. 



As you know the snowpack for the last 2 years has been low to average.  We are beginning to see the results of the 2018 low snowpack at our town water source.  We are asking all in Town and out of Town Water users to please conserve water.   If you have a water leak your water can be shut off until the leak is repaired.

 Water in-ground plants in the early morning and water plants in containers in the afternoon.  Set a timer to remind you that the water is running.  Leave your grass longer when you cut it, this helps to hold in the moisture and slows water evaporation.  Add mulch around plants to help slow water evaporation.

If we all do our part we will not have to implement Increased water rates or shut off your service.

Sec. 13-2-190. - In-Town users priority.

The Town hereby reserves the first priority for the use of its municipal water system for the inhabitants and water users located within the corporate limits of the Town and any additions thereto. Accordingly, in times of drought or other water shortage which, in the discretion of the Board of Trustees, threatens the capacity of the Town's water supply system, the Board of Trustees may take the following actions as it may determine best under the circumstances:

(1)  The Board of Trustees may shut off service to rural water areas, the water dispenser or any part thereof. If the Board determines that it is not necessary to curtail all rural domestic water supply, it may order that taps be closed in reverse order of their issuance until the water supply for the Town is protected.

(2)  The Board of Trustees may order the metering of water consumed by rural and in-town water taps and impose a graduated schedule of rates for water assessments increasing with rising consumption in a manner that will encourage water conservation.

(3)  The action authorized by this section may be taken by the Board of Trustees by resolution setting forth a summary of the circumstances which the Board finds to require the imposition of such measures and, in accordance with Section 13-2-80, setting the rates for metered water usage as the case may be. In taking action under this Section 13-2-190, the Board of Trustees, in consultation with the Public Works Director, shall determine when conservation measures should go into effect, and their duration, to temporarily reduce the demand placed on the Town's domestic water supply system giving primary consideration to the following factors affecting the Town's domestic water supply and/or the capacity of the Town's domestic water system to deliver water:

a.  The extent to which the Town's ability to fight fire may be compromised;

b.  The extent to which the Town's ability to deliver water to in-town water users may be compromised;

c.  The cause of the limitations on the Town's ability to deliver domestic water including drought or other circumstances of nature beyond the control of the Town and the need to make improvements or repairs on the Town's domestic water delivery infrastructure.

d.  The ability of the Town to provided fair and adequate notice to its water users of the measures to be implemented.

(Ord. 4-1980 § 18; Ord. 2-2005 § 1; Ord. 1-2012 § 1)

A Surcharge may be added; A surcharge is a temporary additional fee added to the water bill in times of water shortage such as drought. 


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Water Dispenser Station

Our coin operated water dispenser station is open 24/7.  However, Public works will only be available Monday - Friday 8-4 to make repairs to the water dispenser. 

When inserting a coin you must wait to be sure the dispenser is working. 

Please use one coin at a time.

 If the water does not flow, the dispenser is not working. 

Our water station accepts U.S. quarters only!  

Please do not attempt to un-jam the coin operated dispenser.   

If water dispenser is out of service please turn the sign that says the dispenser is NOT working.  

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

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