Crawford is a town in Delta County, Colorado. The community was named for George A. Crawford, editor and gubernatorial candidate. The latitude of Crawford is 38.703N. The longitude is -107.608W. It is in the Mountain Standard time zone. Elevation is 6,558 feet. The estimated population, in 2012, was 419. Crawford sits amid expansive mesas, deep canyons and breathtaking mountains. The Old West is very much alive here - genuine cowboys run cattle drives right through the middle of this small town. Elizabeth Ong was the original owner of present day location of the town site of Crawford. Ms. Ong was the land donor, for the cemetery and church. The first church was established in 1900. The first school was built in 1906. The school burned in 1912 and was rebuilt in 1913. The Town of Crawford was officially established in 1911.